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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canucks STILL perfect, Dogs getting set for Chiefs and Eagles

I'm almost worried about the Canucks because they have looked so unbeatable in EXHIBITION action so far. I'm predicting the 'Nucks to have a tough start to the REAL season. Why? I'm not sure, but I just think they will. The hockey gods work in weird ways.

But man that shootout is fun to watch isn't it?

The Bulldogs are nearing the end of their week of practice with game day tomorrow and Saturday with Langley and Surrey in town. I'm pumped up and I wish it was Friday already because I want to get back to the pound to watch these guys play again.

There is a considerable buzz in the community about the team right now. Back to back home wins will do that for you. And the buzz can die just as easily with a couple of stinkers at home over the weekend. So I sure hope the guys are ready to do more of the same stuff that saw them win two last weekend. Work hard, be physical and tough to play against, SKATE and shoot the darn puck!

If they do keep it up with each game, there will be more bums in the seats in a big hurry. In hockey years 2005-2006 might seem forever ago. But it's obviously just a turn of the hour glass in the grand scheme of things. The reason I bring up 05-06 is because that was the last time that the Pound was close to sold out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

The support from the community is here. The guys just gotta bring them back.

It's my dream for the players to play in front of that building SOLD RIGHT OUT.

It's my dream for the community to again show itself to be the best hockey city in this entire country.

And it's my dream for the ownership group to have that place packed on a nightly basis.

I still remember the Nanaimo vs. Alberni games in the 2005-2006 season. In particular one a little later in the season, possibly the night the Bulldogs won their 18th game in a row....On TUESDAY, that's right TUESDAY - for a SATURDAY game the Bulldogs office staff was already putting up signs at the rink that said


Take a look at these videos...not an empty seat and people stacked 5 deep behind the glass.

So, to summarize - I want the Dogs to make a playoff run to the RBC. I want success and a scholarship for every one of the guys on the roster. And I want the Pound sold out every night.

Dream big or don't dream at all. I might be just a LITTLE excited for the games this weekend, and I might be a little excited in this years team. I know, I know, it's only three games in. I don't care though. From coaching staff through the entire roster, I believe in these guys.

EDIT - I guess if I'm saying I BELIEVE it's a good excuse to throw up the Don't Stop Believin' video again for those that missed it a couple weeks back...

Just to be REALLY clear - I don't want it to be 2005-2006 again. I want 2005-2006 ALL OVER AGAIN. But plus a long playoff run ;)

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Anonymous said...

your video is amazing Hammer!!! I believe in the boys and Noaln too! I am sure they will be great! It would be awesome if we make playoffs because I havent been to a sold out arena !! so that will be really exicting