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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bulldogs "pink the rink"

This is SO COOL.

In an effort to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, the Bulldogs have comissioned special pink jerseys that they'll wear one night only, October 25th when they host the Penticton Vees.

The Dogs are looking for corporate sponsors to adopt a jersey. What the sponsors get is the jersey to hang in their business for the month of October. Fans and customers that visit the businesses will be able to enter a draw to win the jersey, as long as they make a small donation towards Breast Cancer Awareness.

At the end of the game on October 25th the corporate sponsors will be on the ice and the players will present them the jersey off their back. The corporate sponsor will then present the jersey to the lucky fan who had his or her name drawn.

Its moments like this that I'm really proud of the Dogs organization and what they are trying to accomplish. The "pink the rink" idea has been around for a year or two, but it has been reserved for higher levels of hockey, to the best of my knowledge. I'm certain that the Dogs are the first BCHL team, and possibly the first Junior A team in Canada to go so far as to comission special jerseys for this cause.

In the end it doesn't matter whether the Dogs are first or not, all that matters is that they are doing it!

Way to go Dogs!

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kris said...

In tri city they go all out jerseys and they dye the ice pink same with the rochester americans its awesome to see teams make the effort to help this cause

Hammer said...

I saw last year how Tri City had the pink ice so I asked last night if the city will be allowing the Dogs to do that as well....they weren't too sure about that one, but you never know!

Anonymous said...

My sister has battled breast cancer - twice. I think this is a wonderful idea. Thank you Bulldogs ownership, management and players :)