Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Score: 7-5 Dogs

Shots 35 - 27 Bulldogs.

Line up-Sweet,Bailey,Lourens, Nicholson,Clements, Berkholtz, MacMillan and MacMillan, Rogic,Brodt,Newman, Spotts,Gardner,Mcgauley, Jones, Mcdonald,Winans, Mihailovich

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Anonymous said...

I am just blown out of my chair!!! Hopefully we will start on a good note this year! So far we have !!!! Go DOGS! keep it up!

"Not the Mama" Gardner said...

Way to go Dogs!!! We are so excited for another year of Webcasts and Hammer's wonderful play-by-play. We never miss a game and it almost makes us feel as though we are there. Keep up the fantastic job Hammer.

Hammer said...

Thanks for the nice comments not the mama Gardner!

Anonymous - It's good you are thinking positive, but you shouldn't be to blown out of your chair or surprised by a win...You need to EXPECT the guys to WIN. That's a good example of the "culture change" coach Graham has been talking about. The culture of losing - where a win is surprising, maybe, needs to be reversed so NOT winning is shocking. The Dogs had that for a period under Jim Hiller but lost it when he left. Here's to the thought of Nolan Graham bringing that culture back. It's only one exhibition game of course, and it will take a YEAR of winning to have the culture going in the other direction, but it's a good start for exhibition game #1.