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Monday, July 13, 2009

Charity Classic Wrap Up, Video - Rob Schick speech, Brian Stewart with the Canucks...

The Alberni Valley Charity Classic is done for another year. And planning for the 17th annual event will start pretty soon I'm sure.

It's a HUGE event to throw and all of the organizers and committee members and golf club staffers deserve a huge round of applause for another wildly successful event.

I haven't received the final total dollar figures but you can bet your bottom dollar that there's some pretty happy charities around the province and the valley after this weekend. The amount of monies raised by a community this size is just staggering. Way to go Port Alberni! And a big thanks to all the visitors to the valley who took part in the event that brought their pocketbooks too!

MC and Club President Les Doiron addresses the crowd.

The MAN. Rob Schick was honored this year with this being the 16th annual event. Rob of course just retired this last season while wearing #16 on his back.

Incredibly, his team won the event with a - you guessed it - 16 under par score.
Rob's jersey was retired and presented to the city, as was the beautiful picture below with Rob working the "Queen" game when Wayne Gretzky accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to a Canucks game where she dropped the puck. Left to right - Club Pro Bruce MacDonald, Mayor Ken MacRae, Rich Chernomaz, Ron Paulson, Canucks play-by-play voice Joey Kenward.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the event was Rob Schick speaking on Saturday night. It's the only video I captured on my phone all weekend....but that's ok because it was THE moment of the weekend and a pretty special moment so I'm happy I captured it to share with you.

Rob gets a little choked up, the crowd gives him a standing ovation, and Rob finishes with some very wise words about officials in the game today and how they should be encouraged. Enjoy.

I'll do my best to get a final total on the charity dollars raised.

Way to go golfers and spectators, volunteers and sponsors.

This is pretty cool. Thanks to Gary for sending the info and pic along.



The Canuck prospects take on the Grouse Grind once again to finish off the annual summer development camp. The group was split up into four groups of five and one group of six to scale the Grouse Mountain.

The final results are in:

1st place
Peter Andersson, Anton Rodin, Kevin Connauton, Matt Butcher, Jeremy Price, Glenn Carnegie (Moose trainer).

2nd place
Cody Hodgson, Evan Orberg, Prab Rai, Travis Ramsey, Eric Walsky

3rd place
Mats Froshaug, Taylor Ellington, Tyler McNeely, Morgan Clark, Brian Stewart

4th place
Ryan Donald, Patrick White, Jody Pederson, Dan Gendur, Kellan Tochkin

5th place
Yann Sauve, Steven Anthony, Kris Fredheim, Taylor Matson, Joe Cannata


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Anonymous said...

hi hammer

what about brian stewart?

Hammer said...

hello anonymous....about Brian Stewart...see above? Maybe hit the REFRESH button if you aren't seeing anything?

Anonymous said...

thanks hammer :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know which one, in the picture, is Stewart?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing he is in the middle of the back row.

Hammer said...

Stewart can be found going from left to right, on the back row, he's the 6th guy in.