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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ovechkin (and Sid) score hatties, Nucks visit Hawks, Gold in the Net Golf, RBC Cup

WOW. Just WOW last night. Kudos to Crosby, yaddah yaddah yaddah. I love the fact he battles, he's Canadian, he says all the right things, yaddah yaddah yaddah....but Ovechkin makes me jump out of my seat while Crosby makes me...I'm not exactly sure.

Everyone already knew how the two players are different. But has there a better clear-cut example than what we saw last night?

Crosby scores three goals, from a combined total of three feet away from the net. Ovechkin scores 1- a cross ice one-timer on the rush. 2 - a cross ice one-time off a face off. and 3 - a top shelf snipe on the rush on a 1 on 1.

Again - This isn't a Sidney Crosby bash fest or anything. I love the gritty hard working nose to the net kinda guys...But I also love the flash and dash and "WOW" guys. The best of them all, Ovechkin.

And how about the crowd in Washington? Awesome.

For those of you that are about to call me a bandwagoner, do me a favour and please click the archive on the right hand side of the blog, go back to last year or the year before that, and see all my Caps-love stuff from way back then. Merci...

PS - BOB COLE can still RIP IT.

The Canucks are back in action on 93.3 The Peak tonight as they visit the 'Hawks at United Center with the Western Conference Semi Final series knotted at a game each. We've got the pregame show for you kicking off at 5:30pm, with Tom and Shortie with all the play-by-play shortly after 5:00pm.

Get it on THE PEAK on listen live on our website at

For more info and tidbits on the game - Here's some links from the Canucks website - Click to read the GAME PREVIEW and the GAME NOTES and the NUCKS ROSTER

The Gold In The Net Golf Tournament, to support the Aaron C Cornwell Memorial Scholarship fund, was an awesome time on Saturday at Morning Star Golf Course in Parksville, even if the weather didn't cooperate. I walked up to the first tee to see who I was playing with, and I was greeted by the golf bag you see below....and I thought "this might be interesting"

The Clippers!! What the heck...It turns out the bag belongs to Sean Krause, owner of ReAction Source for Sports in Nanaimo. And he WON the bag...OK I can take that at least :)

Also on my team was Joey "K" Kozakevich, pro rep for Vaughn Canada and Frank "the tank" Slubowski, Gold In The Net product and Bulldogs goaltender.

Usually with tournaments like these, you can tell on the first tee if you have a team or not..well I watched Sean hit first, and he cranked one down the middle and I thought "hmmm, not bad" Joey went next, and he also striped one down the pipe, and I thought "that's it, we're winning this thing"

And win it we did. Frank and I chipped in here and there with our shots, but the credit goes to Sean and Joey. Guys - I suggest Robaxacet if your backs are sore from carrying the team! Thanks for the great time! I took some video clips that I will be making into a highlight video, so check back for that in the future.

Some random Youtube stuff...

Wow, this is a beauty!

The 2009 RBC Cup is on as we speak in Victoria....Check out the BCHL homepage at for updates regarding the BCHL clubs, and for the tournament homepage!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MIKE BROPHY. Someone has some sense. At least someone has some sense in my humble opinion, when it comes to hockey broadasting now a days.

See below.

To read the entire article, visit

"* Craig Simpson gets it. The former NHL star and color commentator for Hockey Night in Canada provides sharp analysis of games, but knows when to keep his trap shut and let his play-by-play man call the action.

I don't know what has happened in recent years, but analysts are highjacking the games. The art of play-by-play is being squashed by a bunch of blabbermouths who can't wait for a stop in the action to wow the audience with their observations and opinions. I'm not saying there isn't time when a good analyst can speak during the action, especially now that many of them or located at ice level where they have a much better view of the action.

But some analysts now speak more than the guy in charge of calling the action.

TV producers would be wise to rein them in.

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Anonymous said...

Simpson? You mean the Canuck hater? That piece of #### wouldn't say a good thing about the Nucks if a gun was to his head. I was gonna barf listening to his never ending luv fest for Chicago. Simpson doesn't know when to shut up because he doesn't shut up!