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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'Nucks done, Caps force game 7, great FLIN FLON story.

Well, what to say about the Vancouver Canucks? They battled hard for sure, coming back from a 3-1 hole, taking several leads including a late one. But they just couldn't hold off the Hawks and there will be no Game 7 at GM Place and no parade down Robson.

SEVEN on Bobbie Lou?

Wow. I'm not about to hang him, like it seems every one else wants to do. He was beaten for the most part on absolute beauty goals, or just back luck goals, like the Brouwer goal or the Kane wrap around. At the same time, I of course concede he certainly wasn't the DIFFERENCE for the right reasons.

Didn't steal any games. And that's what a 7 million dollar man is supposed to do.

So, what now? Who knows. Cheering for the Caps I guess, as they beat Pittsburgh on the road last night to force a game 7 tomorrow at Verizon Center.

AND I think I'll jump on the Hawks wagon now.

Now, I don't want to paint myself as a total bandwagon jumper here....I have been cheering for the Hawks for the last couple of years, as I have a mentor-tutor relationship with their radio play-by-play voice John Wiedeman.

It was even easier to cheer for the Hawks this year as opposed to years previous, as ownership changes saw their fanbase return and their building sold out on a regular basis. I've said it countless times before - with the way the NHL is now, I pull for teams in good hockey markets with good fanbases that care about their club to succeed to give their fans something to cheer about.

Seeing the Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Party attended by a dozen people a couple years back is a good example off the top of my head as to why I cheer how I cheer. The Hawks have drawn over a MILLION fans this year. That's awesome for an original 6 club that was drawing under 10,000 people maybe just 2 years ago.

A final comment - they don't just WIN. As you saw this entire series, and last series against the Flames - they ENTERTAIN. Flash and dash and speed and skill. Fun to watch, easy to cheer for.

All in my humble opinion.

OK - Let's talk a moment about my great home town of Flin Flon, Manitoba. NO, not because it's Manitoba day today - yes, Manitoba became a Canadian Province this day in 1870 - but because I came across a great link on Gregg Drinnan's blog Taking Note that lead to Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston's blog on Regina Pat's History. In his latest report, Ron details what a trip to Flin Flon was like back in the 60's. And it's not much different now.

I bring all of this up, because I must have had this discussion a MILLION times since I came out to BC. It basically goes like this:

"So, where are you from?"


"Ah, a Prairie boy, eh?"


"A flatlander then?"


"hahaha what do you mean, NO"

And then I go into my usual speel that Flin Flon is in Northern Manitoba on the Canadian Shield, all Precambrian Rock. There's more flat land to be found all around Port Alberni than there is in Flin Flon. I usually get the "yah well there's still no Mountains" which is absolutely true. I never claimed there were Mountains. I just said it wasn't prairie, and it wasn't flat.


Is basically how it goes.

Why does it fire me up so much? I don't know, I guess I just don't want to be branded what I'm not. And who really does?

ANYWAY - I digress. If you'd care to INFORM yourself, please visit Mr. Scoreboard's blog at the link below. It's a neat story with some great pictures that might make some people understand where I'm coming from!



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