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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canada vs Russia for World Championship Gold, Vernon vs Humboldt for RBC Cup, Happy Mothers Day!

Hello and thanks for visiting the blog. A couple quick words on the last couple of days. I know the flu bug is going around Port Alberni a little bit at the present moment. I got a little 24 hour Friday that kicked me pretty hard Friday night, and I know of a couple others that have had it to. Wash those hands, you don't want what I had!

Neither of my teams pulled it out yesterday, with the Washington Capitals losing on a really tough break in OT and the Canucks giving up the winner late and then having a comedy of errors with the net empty to give up the insurance marker. The highlight of the night was the look on Alain Vigneault's face when they showed him after the goal. It was a the deer in the headlights "what in the name of the holy hockey gods just happened" look. What made it funnier was a text I received from a buddy in Manitoba a moment later saying "Did you see the look on the coaches face, wow, hilarious"

I did think it was funny, but it's also hard to laugh with the 'Nucks all of a sudden down 3-2 in the series, trailing a series for the first time actually.

Highlight of the game for me was Rick Rypien throwing more hits in one shift than the rest of the team threw in the entire game. If everyone was playing like that all the time, the Hawks would be roasted by now. I'm not counting the 'Nucks out, but top to bottom everyone needs to elevate in a hurry. No problem!

The most historic match up in the game kicks off again today with Canada vs. Russia for the World Championship of Hockey up for grabs.

Catch the broadcast on TSN online or on your TV.

TSN has NHL hockey this afternoon, which means the RBC Cup finals will be on TSN 2. I don't have that, so I guess I have to go to Victoria to watch the final in person!

There is PLENTY on the line today - Read up from the Hockey Canada site as Vernon is set to take on Humboldt....GO BCHL!

One more tip of the cap to Kevin Ross, who won the RBC National Scholarship Award..


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