Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kevin Ross OT winner, Bulldogs this Week tonight, NHL All Star Game, THANKS AL AND BRUCE, busy busy busy

First 0ff - some audio of Kevin Ross' double OT winner yesterday in Nanaimo. Anyone have some video? Someone actually asked me last night if I managed to grab a video of it off my camera. Sheesh. I'm only one man! Sorry, too busy dealing with my #1 priority of calling the game on the radio to grab a camera. If anyone has the video, I'd love a copy! Love the noise out of the Frank Crane Arena from the Dogs supporters..

Click to listen - Kevin Ross wins it.

Audio Courtesy and Copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Bulldogs This Week is on the airwaves on 93.3 The Peak tonight (and of course on our website)

The guest line up - as always, subject to change:

Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Bryant Perrier

Bulldogs defenceman Kevin Ross

Powell River Kings Play-by-Play Voice Dean Merrick

Surrey Eagles Play-by-Play Voice Colin Tiggelaar

Your questions are always welcomed at

HUGE THANKS to my good buddies Al and Bruce, who grabbed me the below souvenirs on their recent holidays, including a trip to the 2009 World Juniors in Ottawa.

Top - A World Juniors Puck! I have a streak of 4 years going with World Junior pucks

Left - A new Nanaimo Clipper game puck. Even with the rivalry between the teams, I'll gladly except the Orange and Black biscuit for my collection. I just realized I don't have a Bulldogs game puck from this season....gotta get on that one.

Right - An official Moose Jaw Warriors game puck that Al picked up on his trip to the family ranch outside Moose Jaw.

Thanks a bunch fellas, you guys are good friends!

Even if you are Clipper fans ;)

That's it for now....Busy day with the talk show tonight, and the Dogs right back in action tomorrow as they host Victoria.



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