Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dogs in Powell River tonight. WIN a DODGE CHALLENGER from Alberni Valley Minor Hockey (and tickets on THE PEAK), Canucks jokes.

Hello from my hotel room in Powell River. I have a couple minutes of free time right now.

FREE TIME? I'm confused and cold and frightened and scared! Sorry I just don't get much time to do....nothing!

Ah, the friendly seas... What a trip over to Powell River!

Some friendlier Sees - The See Group of Companies - have supplied a car to the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association to raffle off. (draw date April 4th, Licence #12786)

Not just any car....
For more details, check out the AVMHA website HERE.

And for more details on the Challenger, check out the Alberni Chrysler Website here.

The Peak will be giving away tickets next week....Listen in for more information!

And don't forget to tune in tonight as the Dogs visit Powell River to take on the Kings. Pregame on the air at 7:15, play-by-play at 7:30pm.

Listen live through our website at

And last but not least...YIKES are the Vancouver Canucks ever struggling right now. So bring on the jokes via email! Thanks Lyle for sending it along!

BC Law: The RCMP is cracking down on speeders heading into Vancouver. For the first offense, they give you two Vancouver Canucks tickets. If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them.

Q. What do you call 30 millionaires around a TV watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

A. The Vancouver Canucks

Q. What do the Vancouver Canucks and Billy Graham have in common?

A. They both can make 20,000 people stand up and yell 'Jesus Christ'.

Q. How do you keep the Vancouver Canucks out of your yard?

A. Put up a goal net.

Q. What do you call a Vancouver Canuck with a Stanley Cup ring?

A. A thief.

Q. How many Vancouver Canucks does it take to win a Stanley Cup?

A. Nobody knows and we'll never find out.

Q. What do the Vancouver Canucks and possums have in common?

A. Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

Talk to you tonight from the PR Rec Complex!



Nick said...

BC Ferries still running that floating rust bucket of a boat on that trip?

Really makes ya wonder when you walk on the decks outside and they move.

Is the hotel anywhere near Mr Mikes? Mmmm.. that was good lunch last year for the season ending game.

Hammer said...

Hey Nicky, thanks for the comment.

I think it's near Mr. Mike's...I have never eaten there might have to check it out!

The Queen of Burnaby...quite the boat alright. Lots of shudders today!


Superstar Fan said...

Mr Mikes was quite good when we went there a couple seasons ago. Well worth the try. imo

Nick said...

We had stopped at the little mall there to check and see if the Mickey Do's had any of those Luongo mini-sticks that they were selling last year. Turned around, and there was Mr Mikes. Well, that was a easy decision for lunch.

Hammer said...

I'm sorry to report that Mr. Mike's in Powell River is no more...Unless it's at a different location now.

Try Kanes's instead for a great meal!

Nick said...


Well that does it, no more Powell River trips then.

Guess we will have to buck up and eat Ferry food both ways now.