Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a weekend, I am now "in pictures" , TRAVIS CROSS send off tomorrow, plus- My sister ROCKS!

Hello and happy Monday. Quite the weekend for me. Frankly, I'm happy I survived it.

I had the pleasure to go up a couple of Mountains to get some incredible views of the Alberni Valley- Thanks Crystal and Darryl for being my tour guides. Yes it took WAY to long to get up to the Lookout or to Copper Mountain, but better late than never right?

Saturday night I had the pleasure of having a dinner of epic proportions at Rick and Helma's.

Then the night took a turn for the worse as the boys took me out for a little fun in honour of me having a week left before I am a married man. It was great to survive, but even better to see some old friends that I haven't seen in a couple of years, or haven't spent much time with over the last couple of years like Brian Stewart, Tyler Boice, Jim Patterson, and Josh Bonar. While I of course see Tyler Ruel and Devin Timberlake a little more, it's been a long time if ever, that we've been out in that setting. So thanks to all of the above plus Sven, Mark, Tom, and Rick for keeping me in check but giving me a fun night and not being too hard on me!

I also had the pleasure to get out for a couple of rounds of golf with Gary and Dean over the weekend. While my game still has big time hiccups at least a couple of times each round, I still managed back-to-back rounds with at least 3 pars over 9 holes. For the amount of times I actually get out there and get to work on my game, I will certainly take that!


Yes, I am now IN PICTURES! Ok, my VOICE is at least. I am very excited to announce the release of a great new local documentary titled:

McLean Mill- A Family Heritage. A Community Treasure.

I apologize for not knowing all the names of everyone involved in this project, and what their titles are. All I know is that I worked with Jenny Fortin in my area of the film- The narrative voice-over.

Here's a note from Jenny talking about what the DVD is all about.

Here's a brief overview of what is on the dvd:

This documentary explores the beginning of the mill starting with the McLean family. Early operations in the mill and logging areas are discussed as well as the hardships and good times endured by those who lived on the mill site.With the McLean mill officially closing their doors in 1965, the site was eventually rediscovered and transformed into a National Historic Site.With all the hard work done by the local museum and community to help preserve it, look at what it has become and where it's going in the future.This DVD includes: The full length McLean Mill documentary along with an on-site tour visiting each of the historical buildings and main areas of the mill.

For more information about this DVD or the makers of it please visit: or email:

Thanks again to Jenny and Co. for asking me to be a part of this endeavour. It was a new thing for me doing film voice-over work and it was a neat experience. I have seen bits and pieces of the DVD, and it is incredibly well done!

DVD's are available for purchase in the McLean Mill and Alberni Valley Museum Gift Shops. I encourage every local historian and supporter of local talent to get out and purchase a copy!

Of course the big Travis Cross and teammates send off is tomorrow at 7:30 in the ADSS Gym. All of the details are below.

I was thinking about this interview over the weekend, when I came into the station on a Saturday afternoon in March because I received a beyond excited phone call from Travis and Tom McEvay because Travis had booked his ticket to the Olympics. It seems like yesterday, but now here we are, a day away from the SEND OFF Ceremony.

Here's a little look back- or a listen back- to the day that made TOMORROW possible.
The emotions coming out of Travis in the interview are something else, and I hope that possibly remembering that day will help him find an extra gear if he needs it in Beijing!

Listening back to the interview, it makes me proud of what we have been able to do at the station to support and promote Travis from since BEFORE day 1. Of course I/WE take no credit for what Travis has accomplished, and what he will accomplish in the future, but I sure take pride in how we've been there pushing and promoting and helping however we can since the dream was hatched!

Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at ADSS at 7:30

Ok, so what does my sister Erin have to do with the Bulldogs or Port Alberni? NOTHING! But she's my big sister and I am so proud of her recent accomplishments that I just need to tell as many people as possible, whether they know her or not!

My sister is an Arts Educator, Actor, and Playwright. How my parents survived two performers like us I will never know! Of course maybe it's their fault how we turned out as they raised us!
Anyway- Erin has been working since last year on a play for this year's Winnipeg Fringe Festival, to follow up their award-winning play from last year titled "The Interview"
The play this year for Erin and her colleagues was "Ordinary May's Extraordinary Ways" and the news I am happy to report is that it was recently given 5 STARS! in a review by CBC! Here's the note Erin sent to me yesterday.

The results are in…

Ordinary May’s Extraordinary Ways got 5 Stars from the CBC!

Here’s the review:

Ordinary May is a true Fringe treat,
The tale of a girl who is helpful and sweet
And all her adventures with critters that talk
Who help her discover what makes her rock.

The actors are lively and know how to move
To disco and rap they get down and groove.
The friendly narrator speaks only in rhyme.
If you like Seuss and Munsch then you’ll have a good time.

It’s delightful and funny, and the script is quite smart.
In short, May is perfect for all kids at heart.
he message to kids: Be proud of who you are.
For that it deserves a solid five stars.

Reviewed by: Iris Yudai

Way to go Erin you KICK BUTT!!

That's all I can think of for today, thanks as always for reading!



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