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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Last day of FREE Wrestling Camp today, Sendoff for Olympic Athletes today in Parksville, Tallships coming soon!

Parents, if you are waking up today thinking "what am I going to do with the kids today!?" then I have a great idea for you. Send them to the free kids Wrestling Camp and have some time for yourself!!

Free Summer Kid’s Wrestling Camp July 7-9

The Alberni Wrestling Club is once again hosting their annual Kids Wrestling Camp July 7-9th in the ADSS gymnasium. The camp is running all three days from 10am to 12 pm and will feature instruction from local coaches, alumni, and high school wrestlers. As well as learning some basic wrestling moves and technique, the camp participants will also partake in fun wrestling themed activities.

During the month of June, high school wrestlers visited the local elementary schools to introduce and promote the sport of Olympic wrestling. Through games and skill development the participants were given the opportunity to try the sport while being in a fun and safe environment.

"When we [the wrestling club] introduce wrestling at elementary schools and the kids camp, we always stress the importance of fun and safety," explains Aaron Keitlah, an ADSS high school wrestling alumni and now a wrestler at North Island College and a coach in the Alberni program. "We always go through a proper warm-up and stretch to limit the possibility of injury and try hard to reveal the enjoyment of wrestling rather than the competitive side."

The camp will be a great opportunity for kids to stay active and meet new friends over the summer break. For some it will serve as a kick start to summer and being a part of the wrestling programs at the local middle schools. Others may come to simply enjoy participating in the fun games. The camp focuses on participants in Grades 4 -7, although there are some cases where younger and older athletes have been involved.

If you already feel like you would benefit from some time away from your kids over the summer, this would be a perfect event to take part in. The camp will run from 10 am to 12 pm all three days with registration being held each day starting at 9:30. There are registration forms available at the gymnasium which needs to be filled out by a parent/guardian. Participants are asked to bring gym strip and clean running shoes. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Aaron Keitlah or Roxanne Neville at 724-0778.

PacificSport is hosting a send-off rally for Athletes and Coaches from the Mid-Island Area who will be representing Canada at the Beijing Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games today in Parksville.
Athletes attending will be: Port Alberni's own Travis Cross, Michelle Stilwell, Trevor Hirschfield, Tony Theriault and Dan Proulx.
The Rally Host is Sue Schellinck who represented Canada at the Barcelona Olympic Games.
This all goes down at the Parksville Community Beach today at 11am.
For those of you wondering if there will be a Port Alberni send-off for Travis Cross....OF COURSE there will be, you should know better when it comes to this town!
I don't know all of the details yet but trust me, it will be a great event. Tom McEvay has some plans he is trying to pull together as only he could do. This will be a send off of McEvay-i-an proportions. Do I owe Don Taylor 2bits for using that one? HA.
Keep tuned to the blog at the stations for the details when they are available!
Imagine how good the send off will be when just the "welcome home" was this well attended on only one day notice?
The FESTIVAL OF SAILS kicks off Friday, as the Tall Ships start arriving tomorrow. I'll surely post some pictures here on the blog, but the best source for all of your needed Festival info is on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE
That's it for now.

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