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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Canucks sign Pavol Demitra, Victoria Grizzlies loading up for RBC Cup...

He's no Mats Sundin, but he's no slouch and he also comes just a little cheaper than 10 million a season.

Canucks Sign Pavol Demitra


Call me old school, but I still just want to call it the "R-B-C" for "Royal Bank Cup"

It's actually the "RBC CUP" now. Just doesn't have the same ring to it for me, but I realize it's all about the Corporate name.

Yes, the Grizzlies are loading up big time. Much to the chagrin I'm sure of their opponents on the Island and in the Coastal Conference. And also to the chagrin of the WHL's Chilliwack Bruins, as it appears that Evan Pighin will be foregoing his 20 year old season in the WHL to join the Grizz.

This is Exhibit A when it comes to just what exactly hosting the RBC Cup can do for the quality of your team. From all accounts Pighin wasn't going to be a role player in The 'Wack but one of several go-to guys. The lure of the RBC Cup I guess was too much. Along with any other treats that might have been thrown in to sweeten the pot.

It's not like Victoria and Bear Mountain aren't alluring enough already. Throw in the RBC Cup as a further enticement, and you've got a pretty easy sell. Even for a guy that can't get an NCAA schollie who might have been playing big time minutes in the WHL.

Thanks to Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for sending me this story by Cleve Dheensaw out of the Times Colonist in Victoria, all about the recent loading up the Grizz have done.




Anonymous said...

RBC= Royal Bank Cup
RBC Cup= Royal Bank Cup Cup???

Makes no sense.

Hammer said...

I think it's the "RBC CUP" because Royal Bank is no longer known as "Royal Bank of Canada" but "RBC Financial Group" or something along those lines.

I might be wrong, but I think I'm at least half right on this.

RBC is just that- just R-B-C. Hence- "RBC CUP"

Is that confusing enough!!??