Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Straight out of Disney.

Who wrote that script?

Click below to listen to Daniel Moriarty ending it. The only thing that would've been as good would have been Marcello Ranallo getting the goal.


Pictures from the final weekend. Where did the ice go! Yes, this is why the Dogs finished on the road, as the BC Secondary Schools Provincial Wrestling Championships were hosted at the Multiplex.
My good buddy Dean Williams from Jal Designs & Graphics selling official merchandise for the provincials.

The players get off the bus in Duncan.
Someone emailed me Friday and said "Hammer, why do you call Duncan the BIG STICK?" Here's why-
My good buddy Angel Magnussen with her best buddy Adam Hout as the Dogs returned to a heroes welcome Sunday night.
About to catch the first of FOUR boats in two days, I snapped this pic with my phone of the new "Coastal Renaissance" Weary after just a couple hours sleep, Lee Patzer rallies the troops with this great shirt. James Kerr might be a little better dressed, HAHA.
Here's a special one, as captain Daniel Moriarty surveys the ice in a moment of solitude before what would be his last Junior A game.
Another special one, the last time the guys as a TEAM are on the ice together.
And Moriarty and Ranallo leave the ice for the last time as Junior players, and as Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Dog fans celebrate on the boat after the game

A heroes welcome as the players return to the Multiplex. I will never forget this as long as I live.
PLEASE don't complain about the quality of my pictures. Camera phones suck. Taking pictures with one while broadcasting isn't easy. Being a terrible photographer doesn't help matters!!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to all the BCHL fans, but nothing beats an Alberni Valley Bulldog fan. Look at those pictures, it is amazing. Makes me proud to say I am an Albernian. I can't imagine what that city will be like WHEN the Bulldogs win a BCHL championship.