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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to me! Royal Bank Cup, WHL final, NHL playoffs.

First off, yes, it was my birthday Monday. The big 27! I'm getting old! No offense to any of you over 27 of course. As my dear grandmother said once upon a time "Age is just a number, how old you are a state of mind" and she was living proof. Thanks for those that sent me birthday greetings, and thanks for whoever posted the nice comment in the previous post I made. Just 27, and over 700 games of play-by-play experience. Nuts eh? It's been a decade for me now in radio, which is even more crazy for me think about. Yup, I started as a 17 year old pup in my hometown, the great Flin Flon, Manitoba. This work has taken me many great and amazing places, and I hope that continues for me in the future.

Royal Bank Cup- well, WOW, what a semi-final between Prince George and Camrose! 5, yes FIVE overtimes were needed to find a winner Saturday night and into Sunday morning. I listened to the final two overtimes on the net, it was just plain nuts. Too bad that PG didn't have much the next day in the final. Remember my last post a week ago how I talked about the RBC being a chance to have memories to last a lifetime? I'm sure that anyone who watched or participated in that game will NEVER forget it. Who could? Congrats to all the teams that competed, and to the Aurora Tigers for winning their second national title in 2 years. Too bad that the 'Cup won't be staying in BC again.

WHL final- Wow, what a game 7 last night in Medicine Hat. I caught the broadcast on SHAW TV, and I was amazed at the action throughout the game, and especially in the third period. The bragging rights were all that was motivating the G-Men and the Tigers, but both teams really did look like they were fighting for their playoff lives. A shame that one team had to lose. I hope they both meet again in the Memorial Cup Final.

NHL playoffs. Well...I'm afraid to start writing about this as I think I may never finish. What a SHAME that TSN has partial broadcast rights of the Western Conference Final. I was choked too see that the series started on TSN, then I was thrilled when I saw game 2 on CBC with Jimmy Hughson. Now, it's back on TSN again. I don't know where to start. Ok- here- Chris Cuthbert. It's an absolute crime that Gord Miller is calling the game over Cuthbert. Miller couldn't even carry Cuthbert's mic. Just my humble opinion. I have NEVER used this blog as a platform to bash a broadcaster before, but I can't hold back. How did this guy even get the NHL on TSN play-by-play job? Because he hosted "That's Hockey"??? What does THAT have to do with play-by-play? I think he's terrible. Beyond terrible. Can't stand him. I can think of 10 FRIENDS in the play-by-play world that I could call up on the phone and chat with right now that could do a better job than Gord Miller. Seriously. Awful, bad, terrible. Sorry Gord, maybe when you have some experience you will be better. I gotta wonder who this guy is in bed with at TSN to have him calling games over CHRIS CUTHBERT. ////// end rant.

Begin rant #2- Pierre McGuire. Where to start? He knows his stuff. That's not up for debate. He used to coach in the show. Now if he could only shut up! All he does is talk. Yell, scream, talk, talk, talk. Just let him do play-by-play already. Ask me who I dislike more out of these two guys and I will never be able to give you an answer. They used to have McGuire between the he's ON the bench. I hope he says something Pronger doesn't like and he spears him. Put the guy in the booth. Enough of the gimmicks. Even better, put the guy out to pasture! The highlight of the playoffs for me was when he was high-sticked while broadcasting from the penalty box. Great stuff.

I know you aren't used to this venom from me. I apologize. I have been holding it in for about three years now. When I had CBC locked in tonight and I had to turn to TSN it was the final straw!

Random thought- Hunting season should be OPEN on the Ducks public address announcer. I'm surprised he doesn't have a job at TSN by now. I almost want Detroit to win because their PA guy is pure class. Take a listen next game.

Hey, at least Glenn Healey isn't on the actual in-game broadcast. He could very well be the only former goalie-turned broadcaster that I'm not fond of.

Buffalo vs Ottawa- Wow, what has happened to the Sabres? They are soft. They go down easy. They aren't physical. They quit in a hurry. They have no heart, no grit. In short, they are everything the Senators USED to be. I used to think Derek Roy was a Grade A beauty. Now, he's a diver, a whiner, a softie. What happened to him? Just the attitude of the team there?

Anaheim vs Detroit- Well, I didn't pick Detroit in round 1. I didn't pick Detroit in round 2. And I didn't pick them this round. I guess I will never learn. I just didn't believe in their physical capabilities and their willingness to go to battle. Lastly, I didn't believe in Hasek's ability to make it through a series without his groin ending up in row 6. I think Anaheim is more of a PLAYOFF TEAM, and they are deeper, but I think Detroit has showed a "pure skill" advantage. It'll come down to goal tending as it usually does, and this series Hasek has looked much better than Giguere.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Just my opinions. Would love to hear yours.



Anonymous said...

hammer, it's not too often that i disagree with you, but i like the miller/mcguirre team. i agre with you that miller isn't a cuthbert. but miller is not that bad of a game caller. he would be my number 3 guy in canada. with hughson being number 1, cuthbert number 2, then miller, and finally bob cole. let's hope this is bob cole's final stanley cup final.

back to miller, he does have a gravely "goal" call but i personally enjoy his play and comradery with mcguirre.

as for mcguirre, i think he brings alot of excite and enthusiasm to the broadcasts. i would say he is definately the best color guy for national telecasts. my list would be mcguirre,neale,drew remendez(cbc),garrett,millen, and finally healy in last.(can you imagine a game with mark lee(cbc) and healy ugh!!!)

Regan and the Rockets said...

Happy belated.
Wait till your 40 then we will talk about old.
I like the opinion piece frankly. Let's just say Gord Miller is well connected.
In Kelowna at the Olympic Orientation camp he was like a dog at the feet of Wayne Gretzky.
Gretzky was watching scrimmage..Miller was there.
Gretzky had to take a get the idea!!!
I am not a fan either, but shaking hands and kissing babies like a good politician will get you a long way.
The more I am in this business, the more I realize it takes more than just talent to move up the ladder.

kris said...

"I realize it takes more than just talent to move up the ladder"

like a costco shelf full of chap stick

Pierre is better suited for nbc because he has a terrible tendency to try and teach us basic hockey stuff that us Canadians already are well aware of. When you put him between the benches wow he just steps up his annoyance pointing out painfully obvious stuff and telling coaches on the bench his observations hopefully babcock or carlyle pop him.

Hammer said...

Anonymous, Regan, Kris-

Thanks a bunch for the comments. I appreciate the opinions and insight.

I do agree that Miller and Mcguire make a good team. In my opinion, they make a bad broadcast. I'd rather watch the game, and hear the game, as opposed to hear Mcguire yammer non stop. Probably no less than 20 times this year I watched a game with them on TSN and major things were missed on the ice- goals, hits, saves, etc- because Miller can't talk because Mcguire is talking about Dion Phaneuf's dump in from back in the first period or what Iginla had for breakfast last Tuesday.

I must also passionately disagree with the Bob Cole comments. I would put Cole still at #1. That's saying something, since he has lost more than a couple of steps over the last couple of seasons. It's all just a matter of opinion. Maybe I am different not being born and raised in BC, where most people seem to have a born and bred hate for Bob Cole because he's the main man on CBC and the LEAFS are the main team on CBC. Cole still just has that amazing ability to pick up the pace and emotion of a game, a moment, a goal, hit, or save. His PIPES are second to none. Vocal power. Hughson would be the only one that comes close that I can think of.

Miller- It's not just his voice for me, but that's part of it. I just don't want to see a guy at that level that is more often than not BEHIND the play big time. OK OK OK I am ranting again. No more!

Lee and Healy! Wow, no I can't imagine that.

My color guy list in order- I guess that Millen is another goalie I don't like... I love Garrett and Neale's insight and humour, and the fact that they don't talk too often.


Regan- 40 sounds scary! I appreciate the words on Miller. Makes sense. Do you have any knowledge of him doing play-by-play in the past? It's just amazing that someone could get a national pbp job in Canada without prior experience....Yes, who you know, who you know...

kris- my thoughts exactly!!

Again, thanks for the comments. Makes me think, makes me realize that opinions are like....bellybuttons (since this is a family show) everyone's got one!

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any thoughts on peter loubardias. he is the voice of junior hockey and the memorial cup on sportsnet.

Hammer said...

Glad you brought up Loubardias. I will address that in my next posting!