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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Finals FINALLY start + Kinette Fashion Show

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Yes, the Stanley Cup Final FINALLY begins tonight. I posted that picture for two reasons:
1- To remind anyone who has forgotten already that it is OTTAWA and Anaheim meeting in the final. The Sens haven't played since LAST TUESDAY! 6 days! They will be lucky not to get smoked tonight! I read a report that the Sens were playing inter-squad games, intermissions included, in an effort to keep sharp, and game ready. Good idea.
2- The other reason I chose that picture was to remind everyone (like anyone would've forgotten) what it ALL comes down to. Goaltending goaltending goaltending. As I posted already, Giguere has been to the dance before, Emery hasn't. We'll see if that factors in. 5pm tonight. Should be a good one. Again- Sens in 6.

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Congrats to the Vancouver Giants for capturing the Memorial Cup yesterday in Vancouver with a 3-1 win over the Medicine Hat Tigers. It was a great game, and the better team yesterday won. In this viewers opinion, a couple weak penalties down the stretch. One thing that I haven't heard anyone mention to me or on the BCHL message board has been the play of former Coquitlam Express Milan Lucic, who was named the MVP of the tournament. Lucic suited up in the BCHL for the Express in the 04-05 season, scoring 9 goals and adding 14 points with 100 pims' in 50 games. I sure wish I could've made it over for the game because the atmosphere would've been to be a part of.

The Port Alberni Kinette Club Presents: "A ladies night out, an evening in pink" with all proceeds going towards Breast Cancer. This is a fashion and plant show. Yes, they will also model plants- a unique idea in my opinion. I think if there is ever one of these for the "guys" they should model off some fine beers, meats, and cheeses. Not to say that guys don't have green thumbs too. The fashion show goes Wednesday night at the Kinsmen Community Centre with the doors opening at 6:30 and the show beginning at 7:00pm. Tickets are available at Investors Group on 3rd Ave, or D'Sign Guy on 10th. Fashions will be showcased from Mark's Work Wearhouse and Love Rush. The plants will be from Urban Greenery.

My former Morning Show "partner in crime" and now Peak Afternoon Drive host Jolie McMullan will be the MC for the evening! Should be a good one! Be sure to pick up your tickets ladies and SPREAD THE WORD! Below is a great picture of Jolie and I hosting the Alberni Valley Bulldogs fashion show a couple years back. That was a fun night. Man do we look SHARP!

A final word on the Kinsmen. This is too funny not to share. I had Mitch Gardner on my show a couple of weeks back talking about another Kinsmen initiative- the "Operation Trackshoes" fundraiser. Before we went to air I was telling Mitch that I was surprised to learn at the last Kinsmen dinner I attended that my uncle Jim Watson was a former NATIONAL President of Kinsmen of Canada. I just had no idea! I knew that Jim was deeply involved in Kin and had been for a long time, I just didn't know HOW involved he was. A couple days later I had an email in my inbox from Mitch with the subject line reading "Jim Watson on his ass" I thought....uh oh, this could be good...or bad! Turns out it was really good, as Jim is literally ON HIS ASS. If that's how a National President gets treated I might have to get further involved in Kinsmen. Thanks again for the great picture Mitch. And Uncle Jim, you look SHARP, haha.

That's it today. Quite the posting. Need a nap. My next posting will be all about FLIN FLON, MANITOBA! As I will leave you with some great shots and thoughts about my hometown as I prepare to head back there for a week of holidays to chill and visit family and friends.

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